Botani 2009

Just released!

Pale straw colour. Clean and very bright. Intensely aromatic wine. Floral aromas and white fruit predominate. After swirling there are touches of citrus, orange peel, lichees and aromas of muscat grape over a smoky background. Fresh, very acidic, with an explosion of flavours and aromas to finish. Mature white fruit, fresh grape and citrus. On the palate it’s big, unctuous and flavourful, leaving distinct mineral notes on the finish.

A distinguished and elegant wine, versatile and ideal with fresh fish and lightly grilled meats, sushi and spicy meals.


Try it and let me know what you think.


5 Responses

  1. I’ll contact my Tempranillo rep…….what’s the price per bottle? Spring and warm weather – should be ideal.

    • Hi, sorry I dont know the pricing in US. Ill have to ask Tempranillo, too. Because of its style and expressivity, Botani is very nice to drink the whole year, but in spring and summer…mmmm. Let me know your opinion. Nice weekend

  2. […] while we were sitting quietly in the sunshine, enjoying some Joselito Jamón with perfectly chilled Botani, watching the vineyard in action and the workers busy with their hoes. But soon it was lunchtime […]

  3. […] name Botani, along with its fresh green and white label, were inspired by the many historical botanical gardens […]

  4. Interessante! !! Só podia ser Botani.

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