Musings of a Málaga wine goddess…

I know you’re all wondering how I came to be a wine goddess.

Well, first of all I was born into a winemaking family. My father founded a distributing company for top quality Spanish wines in 1959. As a young goddess I was involved in the family business, helping out during school holidays along with my four brothers. Later I went on to get a medical degree and specialized in healthcare management with several master degrees as well as training at St. George’s Hospital in London in the 90’s. I got my PhD in 2001. In more  recent years I specialized in medical research management, working as Director of the European Office of the Research Foundation of Hospital Regional Carlos Haya and CEO of this foundation, and establishing a twinning programme between this hospital and the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio.

Then in April 2004 I joined my brother Jorge and Alois Kracher in their newborn wine project in Málaga as the GM of the company, first working part-time and from January 2008 onward, full-time. In order to complete my education in this area, I received a Diploma in Higher Business Management (2008-2009) in the Instituto Internacional San Telmo (Sevilla).

When not busy with wine goddess duties, I enjoy singing in a jazz band, reading (I’m a member of a reading club in Málaga), hiking in the Málaga mountains and walking along the beach with my iPod. Los mejores momentos son los que paso con mi familia y mis amigos. I have a wonderful family and great friends!!!

The JazzSongFive

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