Málaga Conarte in Mexico

Last week (on April 27th) I was in Mexico for a special wine-tasting event presented by Iberomex Wines at the beautiful Restaurante Casa Hevia. Ten wines of DO Málaga and DO Sierras de Málaga were presented with labels and packaging that were designed by ten Malagueño artists. Ten works of art for ten exceptional wines.

  • Bodegas Dimobe,  Artist: Rando Soto
  • Bodega Tierras de Mollina,  Artist: Rando
  • Bodega Descalzos Viejos,  Artist: Carlos Aires
  • Bodega F. Schatz,   Artist: Dámaso Ruano
  • Bodega y Viñedos de La Capuchina,   Artist: Pepe Bornoy
  • Bodegas Gomara,  Artist: Maribel Alonso
  • Antigua Casa del Guardia,  Artist: Andrés Mérida
  • Bodega Doña Felisa, Artist: Rittwagen
  • Bodegas Quitapenas, Artist: González de Lara
  • Bodegas Jorge Ordóñez,  Artist: Eugenio Chicano

The label for Jorge Ordoñez & Co. Victoria CONARTE 2007 is a reproduction of the painting called Moscatel Victoria, which Málaga artist Eugenio Chicana created while thinking of this wine of the Axarquía.

The Conarte collection of wines reflects the diversity and complexity of the wines of the province of Málaga. It is composed of five DO Sierras de Málaga red and white wines, and of five DO Málaga “vinos de liquor” and naturally sweet wines. Designation of Origin Málaga is one of the largest wine-exporting regions in Spain.

The Málaga Conarte Collection


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