The Vines

Aren’t they beautiful?
[click to enlarge photo]

I’m busy preparing for a wine convention next week, as well as having lots of other news to tell you about. Trust me, it’ll be worth waiting for. But while I have a spare moment, I wanted to share some images of my Muscat of Alexandria Vines. Will have more on Flickr soon.


3 Responses

  1. These trunks look so organic; they remind me of native Girgentina and Gellewza varieties in Malta.
    Will you write up about what it is that we see in the picture please?
    ps. You might wish to check out the gallery on my Malta website…

  2. Hi Georges, and thanks for visiting.

    Yes, I will most definitely be writing more on the vines, the vineyard. This was just a bit of a teaser until I find some time to get more writing done.

    I checked out your gallery. Very nice.

  3. […] of the Axarquía to the north-east of Málaga, and about an hour’s drive from Marbella, where old-vine Muscat of Alexandria grapes are grown on the north-facing mountainous slopes of Almáchar (an Arabic name meaning […]

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