A Visit With George Miliotes

George Miliotes, Master Sommelier for The Capital Grille, was here this week with my brother Jorge Ordoñez and we visited the vineyard as well as several restaurants and places of interest in Málaga. Upon meeting me George exclaimed, “so this is the Málaga wine goddess!”, but later he found out how standing out in the vineyard and taking in the vast exquisite view does actually make one feel like a deity.

Our first meal was at El Caleño, on the paseo marítimo de Pedregalejos, a small urban beach area just outside central Málaga that has a disctinct style all its own.

This is where Jorge showed everyone the proper way to eat cigalas, which is to break off the head and then “crunch & suck”, which became the mantra of the evening.

Later we had a lovely dessert selection of turrón icecream, flan and fresh strawberries, perfectly paired with a bottle of Selección #1 Victoria.

The second day started with another visit to the vineyards and with what I think was perhaps the best moment of all, while we were sitting quietly in the sunshine, enjoying some Joselito Jamón with perfectly chilled Botani, watching the vineyard in action and the workers busy with their hoes. But soon it was lunchtime again.

This time we went to Andrés Maricuchi, also in El Pedregal, after which Jorge had to leave us. And so we spent the afternoon taking in the Picasso museum and also visiting the Market to sample some churros con chocolate. You wouldn’t think we could be hungry again after all that, but plans were made for a tapas crawl that evening.

We started off at Quitapenas, then went to Lo Güeno and, when a request for Prado Enea arose, finished off at one of my favourite restaurants, La Reserva 12. There we were surprised to run into my actor brother Jaime, who was in town for the Festival de Málaga Cine, and he happily entertained us with his best Robert De Niro impression.

It was a very intense and enjoyable couple of days. I leave you with a delicious photo of cigalas that was taken – and tweeted! – by George during our meal at El Caleño.


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