Dry White
Variety: 100% Muscat Alexandria
Vinfication: Fermentation 60% stainless steel, 40% oak barrel
Alcohol: 13.5%

Pale straw color. Fresh, fragrant and mature, brimming with the aroma of Muscat grape, apple, mandarin orange and a pinch of wilted flowers. On the palate it is fruity and dry, with notes of citrus and a gentle finish.

Please leave your own wine review, food pairing suggestions and comments below.


8 Responses

  1. This is the perfect wine to accompany seafood, really light, refreshing with a little citrus kick combined with an aromatic hint of wild flowers and young fruits.

    First tasted Botani on a balmy summers evening, at a restaurant on the Malaga sea-front. I´m sure the location will also stay in my mind on the next tasting.

    Will definitely purchase. Malaga should be proud of this new white.

    • Hi Michelle,

      thanks for your commet! Sorry for my delay in replying. I read it when I was right in the middle of the harvest in the new winery, new personnel, new everything…I guess that seafront restaurant is Maricuchi. I can’t imagine better scenario and food pairing than that place.
      I’m happy to say that all the work we did during the harvest has paid off with an excellent vintage of Botani and sweet wines 2010.

      First bottles of Botani will be released by February. Rte La Moraga of Dani García is putting some pressure on us to send the first orders and in Mexico they can’t wait either. Me neither. I haven’t drunk a drop of Botani for a few months now and I have a ‘mono’ of Botani.

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  5. I rarely encounter a white with the layering and complexity of Botani — no excess acidity to undermine the attraction of the mingled aromas, just enough crispness to keep several scents detectable in turn. The first sniff was herbs and grass, then with tasting a mineral aroma went up my head — like water from iron rich earth — then there were ghosts of tannic, fallen leaf smells and a floral scent (I thought of holly blossoms). Huge body and character without being heavy or sweet.

    We had it with portabellas grilled in a ginger and pepper paste marinade and a field green salad garnished with feta cheese and pomegranate seeds. It conversed beautifully with every flavor. I would drink it anytime.

    • I am speechless with your comments, I couldn’t have described it better! You can tell you are both a writer and a wine lover. I hope you drink it anytime… as I do.

      We’re now preparing Botani 2010 which is going to be great, too.

      Thanks for your comment.

  6. The first time I took a sip of this, I thought it was going to be too sweet for my liking. But the sweetness gave way to earthier notes and herbal/flower notes. Lovely and light – the perfect summer salad or picnic companion.

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