California Girls

With Sara Floyd in LA... we were a bit blurry after a few glasses of Botani and La Cana

This week I am in San Franscisco and Los Angeles with Master Sommelier Sara Floyd, who represents over 40 Spanish wineries for Jorge’s company, Fine Estates from Spain.

I went on a fantastic walking tour of San Fransicso and then had a great dinner with the Henry Wine Group at Michael Mina’s impressive RN 74. I’ve also been to some other fabulous restaurants and have sampled an incredible range of cuisine, from tapas in the Noe Valley to sushi in Japantown. And of course, terrific seafood at La Mar. All of which provided some excellent opportunities to show the versatility of Botani along with some interesting pairings with our sweet wines.

Today we are in LA and I’m looking forward to a great weekend here with Sara visiting distributors, clients and going to some more great restaurants.


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  1. […] back in Málaga today after a wonderful week in San Francisco and Los Angeles with Sara Floyd. Here are a few of my “memories”, or at least of the times I remembered to take a quick […]

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