Foster & Dobbs

Last Sunday I was visited by cheese connoisseurs Luan Schooler and Tim Wilson of Foster & Dobbs Authentic Foods in Portland, Oregon. They were particularly interested in our wines because of how well they pair with different cheeses. First we had a special tasting of BotaniSelección Especial and Victoria 2010 from the tanks at the bodega. Botani 2010 is now finished but we tasted the sweet wines (which won’t be finished until June or July) to detect any flaws and inform the winemaker.

After the tasting we drove up to the vineyards. As you can see in the photo below, it was a spectacular day. We also went to the Raisin Museum in Almachar. One of the growers gave us a box of raisins in clusters and Luan and Tim said they had never tasted anything like it before. Then we had lunch on the beach – in February! – at Maricuchi in Málaga, and enjoyed some amazing seafood with a bottle of newly released Botani 2010. With our dessert we sampled Selección Especial nº1 2008, Victoria nº2 2008 and Viejas Viñas nº3 2007.

All in all, a very pleasant Sunday in very pleasant company.



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