Eugenio Chicano

Last week I attended the opening of the Visitación al Bodegón Clásico exhibit celebrating the 75th anniversary of Vélez-Málaga artist Eugenio Chicano.  Born in Málaga on Christmas Eve in 1935, Eugenio Chicano is a painter and engraver with a very direct and simple style, characterised by the use of large patches of flat colour and a simple and strong palette. This can especially be seen in his wonderful pop art pieces.

He usually works in acrylic on canvas, and in his portraits particularily, he creates very colourful effects by stripping the physical traits of the characters and leaving them in a basic form, without losing their identities. Technically this is a simple process but it requires the use of mechanical means, such as projectors. This technique has been used by many other artists since.

In his early years, he attended the “Escuela de Artes y Oficios” and from 1955 to 1958 he was scenographer of the group “Amigos des Teatro” which was directed by D. Andrés Oliva.

He later enrolled in an engraving course at the Fine Arts School of Rome, during which time he met Italian painter Guttuso, Spanish artist Berrocal, Spanish writer Ortega, surrealist Italian painter De Chirico and Spanish poet Rafael Alberti.

Upon returning to Spain, Eugenio Chicano held exhibits throughout Europe including Málaga, London, Barcelona, Paris, Warsaw and Venice. In 1969 he made his second journey to Rome, where he now resides, and published a book of six etchings titled “el Amor, el Testimonio, la Contestacion”.

The label for Jorge Ordoñez & Co. Victoria CONARTE 2007 is a reproduction of the painting called Victoria Moscatel, which Chicana created while thinking of this emblematic wine of the Axarquía. Since meeting Eugenio during this commission we have become friends. He is very charismatic and has always held a great appeal for women, which he still possesses.

Sala de Exposiciones
Plaza San Franscisco
20 January – 14 March 2011


You can see the PDF of the exhibition catalogue here:
Eugenio Chicano Visitación al Bodegón Clásico

[information on Eugenio Chicano found in Wikipedia and Marbella Guide]


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