La Axarquía es Moscatel

This is the cover of Excelente: Revista de Turismo, Gastronómico y Enológico – N0 30, which features an excellent article called La Axarquía es Moscatel on pages 21-33.

“There’s no need to look hard to realise that the region of Axarquia is now considered to be the embryo of the best muscat in Spain, although other localities and regions attributed this excellence. The soil here is strictly specialised for the intricacies of the grape, and the villages that make up this area of Málaga have been working for centuries to ensure the survival of this divine elixir destined for humans”.

The article features five Axarquía wineries:

  • Victoria Ordoñez – Jorge Ordoñez & Co
  • Juan Muñoz – Dimobe
  • André Both – Bentomiz
  • Avila – Almijara
  • David Dupuch – Vinos Telmo Rodriguez

The photo shoot took place in the Muñoz family Wine Museum in their winery in Moclinejo. We were drinking… um, sampling … moscatels in order to get in the mood for our session and I think you can tell that the result was quite effective, especially for me. I’ve never looked more “natural”. 😉

Fernando Rueda was the photographer, and he has not only written books about the Axarquía, he is also an expert on the gastronomy of Málaga. We were discussing the recipe for gazpachuelo, a typical Malagueña soup – which has nothing to do with gazpacho! – that I strongly recommend to everybody who comes to Málaga. It’s my favourite soup ever. Fish, seafood and mayonnaise are the basic ingredients. And it pairs wonderfully with Botani, which I didn’t realise until I had it at the Café de Paris here in Málaga.


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