La Vendimia 2010 (part 2)

Believe it or not we started harvesting mid-August and we haven’t finished yet. It’s the same every year – this really has to be the longest vendimia in Spain. While everyone else is on holiday in August we begin with Botani (early harvest) and finish with Selection Especial (last harvest) mid-October.

My friend Alistair Gardener who makes the gorgeous Avanthia Godello told me that the harvest took one week – how I envy him! By the way my favourite white wine, besides moscatel of course, is made from godello and garnacha blanca.

I’m happy to report that the vendimia this year has been excellent because we had very good weather and we also had rainfall when we needed it. But some very old vines, more than 100 years old, gave a lower yield in spite of higher moisture levels. The vintner said that curisously this viñero gives fewer grapes during rainy times than in drought.

I’ve also had a lot of visitors during the harvest. I know that many wineries don’t accept visitors during their vendimia but I like to welcome them at this time because this way they can see the process and the care that is taken, how everything is done by hand, and how tenderly the grapes are treated. And of course the landscape is breathtaking. Then back at the bodega they can taste the “must” of Botani and Victoria nº2 2010.

Among the visitors were José Ramón Lizarrague from Madrid, a lover of wines from Axarquía, who took about 300 photos and enjoyed talking with the vinters. Our UK distributor, José Belo Rego from C&D Wines, not only visited but helped in the harvest, including leading the mule (or the mule leading him?). Jordi from TAPS in Barcelona and Shawn from Sevilla Tapas also stopped by.

In general we are very tired but satisfied with the results for now. We have one more harvest and then we are done. Looking forward to an excellent vintage!


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