Crystal Cruises Wine & Food Festival

On Saturday September 5, I’ll be flying to Istanbul to take part in Crystal Cruises very special Wine & Food Festival.

I’ll be presenting and pouring wines from Bodegas Ordoñez as well as a few wines selected from the OroGroup collection. Shame I won’t have time to go all the way to Barcelona but I can’t complain about a few day’s work cruising on the Mediterranean. And I’ll be in good company…

Food Experts
Aglaia Kremezi (Cvclades, Greece)
A former editor, Aglaia writes about food in Greek, European and American magazines, publishes books about Greek and Mediterranean cooking in the US and in Greece, and teaches cooking to small groups of travelers who visit her home island of Kea.

Guest Chef
Michael Mina (San Francisco, CA)
Michael was born in Cairo, raised in Washington, and his epicurean journey began in 1987 at the Culinary Institute of America. He sharpened his talents in the restaurants of such acclaimed chefs as Charlie Palmer and George Morrone before starting the Mina Group with partner Andre Agassi.

Wine Expert
Victoria Ordonez (Malaga, Spain)
Victoria is from a pioneering Spanish wine family, the largest exporter of Spanish wines to the US, and long-time wine wholesaler in Spain.

Crystal Cruises Wine & Food Festival

Istanbul to Barcelona
September 5 to 17, 2010


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