Andrés Maricuchi

Andrés Maricuchi is the owner and driving force behind a wonderful beachfront restaurant in Pedregalego, the old fisherman’s quarter of Málaga, and it is one of my favourite restaurants in town. My brother Jorge and I think of Maricuchi’s as our HQ and come here often with friends and visitors. The fish and seafood on offer is top notch, expertly prepared and beautifully presented. Specialities include the skewered Málaga sardines (called espetos) which are barbequed in small charcoal-filled boats on the beach in front of the restaurant, fried boquerones (a type of anchovy), grilled jumbo prawns, steamed clams, as well as a selection of fresh salads made from local produce.

Superb seafood, great wines, a fabulous sea view and friendly efficient service. Could you ask for anything more? But be sure to call ahead and book a table as it is always very busy.

Andrés Maricuchi
Paseo Maritimo (El Pedregal) 14
Tel. 952 290 412

This is the first in a series of blog posts about my favourite restaurants.


2 Responses

  1. […] anything like it before. Afterwards we had lunch on the beach – in February! – at Maricuchi in Málaga, and enjoyed some amazing seafood with more Botani. All in all, a very pleasant […]

  2. Beware! For me, Maricuchi has been a very expensive tourist trap.

    My redfish tasted really ugly (looked like something went wrong disemboweling it), the swordfish of my girlfriend was ok-ish, the vegetables were poor.

    They charged a really high price (even after removing a cervesa I had not even ordered).

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