Vineyard Visit

Yesterday I had the chance to meet a friend of my brother Jorge’s, Dana Street, who runs the Fore Street Restaurant in Portland Maine. He was in Spain with his team, Sam Hayward, Riley Shryock and Ken Thomas, to do research on Spanish food and wine for their new tapas restaurant and we had arranged to visit the vineyard and have lunch together. As Shawn Hennessey from Sevilla Tapas was also in town I invited her to join us.

We started off at the vineyard in Almáchar, and then had a quick Botani wine tasting up at one of the farms before heading back down to Málaga to have lunch at one of my favourite restaurants, Andrés Maricuchi.

Below you can see some photos taken by Shawn. In this one you can see both mountain and sea views from the vineyard (click on image to enlarge).

Here is the wine tasting up at the farm where we sampled some Botani 2009.

By this time everyone was starving and, as usual, Andrés Maricuchi served up a wonderful feast, and personally served us the salt-baked pargo.

Here is Andrés Maricuchi showing us some biznaga that had been made for a party that evening. A biznaga is a small floral arrangement made of jasmine flowers. The little flowers are mounted onto the dried stalk of another Mediterranean plant known as “ammi visage” and then set into a cactus leaf. The jasmine flowers are picked at dusk when they are still closed so that it is easier to string them together. At nigthfall the blossoms open up creating a beautiful white ball of fragrance.

As you can see, we all had a great time. It was lovely meeting Dana & company and I wish them much success with their upcoming venture. Also many thanks to Shawn for taking these photos.


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