Muscat Kit Kats

This is definitely a food pairing I never would have thought of for my beloved muscat grapes. But Nestlé Japan seems to enjoy coming up with different and quite unusual flavour combinations for their candy bars, including wasabi, soya sauce and green tea. And apparently also Muscat of Alexandria flavoured Kit Kats.

According to The Chocolate Review:

The grape is the main flavour here, strong and fruity. It’s a very powerful taste, but it’s definitely a good one. It tastes a little bit boozy…maybe, the grape is so strong it does almost carry a bit of that flavour.

I am looking forward to trying one of these some day, perhaps with a glass of Nº2 Victoria, which went over very well at a special tasting event at Lavinia in Paris last week (more on that later).

What is the most unusual food pairing you’ve found for muscat grape wines?


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